Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Zero Waste Challenge

OK, Babson, here's the challenge.
On November 1st, you're going to pick up a giant clear plastic bag from an ECO-Rep and attach it to yourself so that everyone can see it. Throughout the entire week, every time you make garbage of some kind you will put it in the plastic bag instead of in a garbage can. If it's recyclable, you get to put it in a recycling bin! Everything that is purely trash goes in your bag, and you will lug it around for the rest of the week in full visibility of the world. Whenever someone stops you to ask "Why are you carrying around that bag of garbage?" you get to say something like this:
"Because I am awesome, I'm challenging myself to produce less waste and follow the Zero Waste Challenge. This bag has all of the trash I've produced this week so far in it. I literally have taken this problem on my back, and I'm doing something about it. Normally, I don't have to think about my trash this much, but now I'm totally aware that I'm putting lots of garbage into  the environment. Also, I'm recycling more because it makes my load way lighter!"
At the end of the week, you will turn in that trash bag and be rewarded for completing the challenge.
Here are some additional rules for teams (which is a great way to win the competition):
Each participant in the Zero Waste Challenge - 2 points
Each member to take a bag to participate in Zero Waste Week - 1 point
Each member to return their bag at the end of the week - 3 points
get your organization together or form your own team. The group with the most total points will win at the end of the weeks! look out for sign-up tables soon :)
thank you for caring!

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